Why should your home have a standby generator?


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Why do people buy generators for their homes? As we find the answers to this question, it will become easier for us to prioritize the necessities a standby generator serves. It will help us find the perfect generator for your home. A generator usually serves one chief purpose – to maintain uninterrupted power supply to the homes and offices they are powering.

Portable generators are usually less expensive than the full-sized standby generators, but the latter has the capacity to power an entire home. Standby generators can power HVAC systems, big home appliances, and all the lights. Portable generators are more of a temporary solution for sufficing the minimum necessities of a home or office. However, generators serve more purposes than powering your appliances during power cuts. Here are a few unexpected benefits of having a generator –

It can lower your home insurance premium

A house that has a backup standby generator rarely plunges into darkness. A Generator can keep your home humming under all conditions. Several insurance agencies perceive a home generator as a theft preventing mechanism. In reality, thieves find breaking into well-lit homes very intimidating. Thus, the insurance companies lower their insurance rates for homes with a standby generator in place.

Reduce power outage costs

Apart from keeping your home humming, the generator will also prevent storm damage in many ways. It can power the sump pump to suck out water from your basement and prevent your home from flooding. It will keep your freezer and refrigerator running and avoid the spoiling of food. Additionally, you don't have to count the cost of renting a hotel or motel rooms during the storm to keep yourself and your family comfortable.

A generator can improve the value of your home

It is something most homeowners do not expect. The real estate value of their properties goes up for resale. A study shows that the value of a home can go up by 52.7% of the cost of the installed generator system when the property goes on the market. If the standby generator costs close to $11400, your home can rake an average of $6000 of the price during the resale. People prefer properties with a backup power supply as compared to one with none.

Provides comfort and confidence

While the entire neighborhood has to fend off the power outage, flooding, and confusion, your family will be safe inside a well-lit home with a fully functioning air conditioning system. There is no better gift for your family than the comfort and safety of a reliable generator system in place for all sorts of electricity supply shortage situations.

For buying the best home generator, you will have to invest time and effort in research. Apart from visiting the local vendors, you might want to check out online reviews for the best models in the market. Generators come with several add-on features that ease maintenance and usage. Always do your research before investing the money in a standby home generator. Buy one that meets all your requirements.

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